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SPARK! Design Competition 2015 (March 28): Online Registration
(Event Sponsors: ArcelorMittal, Ford Motor Company, and Halliburton)
Feel free to come alone or bring a friend. Each participant is required to register individually by completing this registration form.


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Please download a copy of our Assumption of Risk and Release Waiver at http://dev.rose-hulman.edu/Spark/waiver_2015.pdf, complete, sign and return to SPARK (scanned copy via email to chiricmc@rose-hulman.edu or fax to 812-877-8895) within 3 business days of your confirmed registration to complete the process.

High School Student: please provide Parent/Guardian and other information below:
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Certification: I certify that the information given on this registration is complete and accurate and that I have completed this registration with full knowledge and consent of my parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
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* - Please ensure your email address is accurate and valid. An email confirmation will be sent to the email address above. Please be sure to look for the message from "SPARK! Design Competition" in case it is blocked by the spam filter in your email. Proper ID is required for verification during check-in.


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T-shirts will be pre-ordered and every attempt will be made to provide you one according to the size indicated on this form. This event will be held in the Hulbert Arena of the Sports and Recreation Center (SRC) on the campus of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Questions: please contact Megan Chirich by calling (812) 872-6000 X-5447, or via email at  chiricmc@rose-hulman.edu.