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2014 FIRST Crossroads Regional Feedback Form

Q1. Please indicate your level of satisfaction on each of the following items related to the 2014 FIRST Crossroads Regional Robotics Competition using the rating scale below:
  VS = Very Satisfied
  S  = Satisfied
  N  = Neutral
  D  = Dissatisfied
  VD = Very Dissatisfied
  NA = Not Applicable
About the competition:VS S N DVDNA
a. Campus Fair
b. Campus Tour
c. Enrichment Activities
d. Event App
e. Event Overall
f. Facilities
g. Food Options
h. Parking
i. Pit Layout
j. Scholarship Row
k. Signage
l. Team Social
m. Twitter Feeds
n. Volunteers
o. Webcast
p. Website
Q2. Please feel free to share your comments on any of the items above.
Q3. Specifically, please offer your comments on the webcast.
Q4. Did you find the number of enrichment activities were?
    Too Low       Just Right       Too Many
Q5. Was there anything you needed that was not available to you at the competition?
Q6. What suggestions do you have for improving this event?
Q7. Do you have any general comments for the FIRST organizers?
Providing your contact information below is optional.

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     Thank you very much for your input!